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WaveSplitter Leadership

In today’s highly competitive optical communications market, strong leadership sets companies like WaveSplitter apart from the competition.  The leadership team at WaveSplitter has both solid technical as well as corporate business experience in the semiconductor and optical fiber industries.  The team brings laser focus on cutting edge products while creating a solid structure to bring quality and reliability year after year.  Learn more about our leadership in the profiles below.

Leadership Profiles

Sheau Sheng Chen -- Chairman and CEO

Ph.D.Chairman of the Board and Founder

Sheau Sheng Chen is our Founder and has served as Chairman of our Board of Directors since June 2000. In addition to these roles, Dr. Chen is currently our President and C.E.O. Prior to joining WaveSplitter, he led the management buyout of XMR Corporation from Amoco, its parent company, in December 1991. After the acquisition, Dr. Chen served as Chairman of XMR Corporation, from December 1991 to December 1999. While at XMR Corporation, he pioneered research in several excimer laser process development works, including metal recrystallization, metal reflow for submicron semiconductor device development, laser crystallization of a-Si for poly-Si TFT development in SRAM and flat panel display applications. Prior to XMR, Dr. Chen worked at Intel on Intel 386 microprocessor technology development. Later, he joined the flash memory technology development group, working on metallization systems for sub-micron devices. Dr. Sheau Chen received his B.S. degree in chemistry from National Tsing-Hua University, in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Texas A&M University.